Clinics & Workshops

I am available to come to your school!  

I have enough instruments for at least 15 students to play at once.  An hour-long workshop has enough time for between 2 and 4 groups of students to switch off, and everyone participates through song and dance.  I've worked with all group sizes, from small honors classes to a school-wide assemblies.

Every workshop includes a discussion about music in West African culture.  This opportunity is good for both music classes and Social Studies units, from elementary aged students through high school, university, and life-long learners.

I have been to many Colorado schools!  I have regular appearances in Academy District 20,  Fountain-Fort Carson District 8, ​ Douglas County Public Schools, Cherry Creek School District, and Denver Public Schools.  I am happy to travel to schools across the state and beyond!  Please contact me for pricing.

Teaching Experience

By the time I studied in Ghana, I had transferred to Colorado State University to finish my undergraduate education.  The semester after I returned, I started teaching CSU’s first African Drum and Dance class, which continued after I graduated and lasted until I had to leave Fort Collins.  Throughout my time, the class performed several concerts, benefits, and fundraisers for CSU and the surrounding community.  Once I arrived at Indiana University, I was a guest instructor for the Music in African Life class, teaching the rhythm/dance Kuku to both undergraduate and graduate students.  

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) is my current university home, where I teach music classes including MUS 4950 Special Topics: Drums of the World Ensemble through the Visual and Performing Arts Department.  I am available for workshops and masterclasses throughout Colorado.

West African Drum & Dance

During my one year at Ithaca College, I signed up for an African Drum and Dance class.  That semester, Ithaca had a guest instructor named Sulley Imoro from Medié, Ghana.  I was hooked!  Barely two years later, I spent some time studying abroad in Ghana to learn more about the music and dance from the area.  I came back with a bunch of drums, recordings, and videos to add to my music collection, not to mention memories of many lessons with Bernard Woma and members of the SAAKUMU Dance Troupe
To keep the learning alive, I started to perform with Falé, the African Drum and Dance Collective of Fort Collins, CO.  Most of my experience up to that point was in Ghanaian music; Falé exposed me to music from Guinea, Mali, and Togo, and to even more master teachers from Africa, including Fara Tolno.  In 2018, I returned to Ghana to study with Bernard Woma again, and traveled to Guinea to study at the Kissidugu School.

Contact me to play at your event!  Solo drumming, solo African xylophone playing, drum groups and dance groups are available.

Current University Class Schedule


MUS 4950 Special Topics: Drums of the World Ensemble

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:25-10:40am

MUS 1000 Intro to Music

Thursdays, 10:50am-1:30pm

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